Historic Apartment

A few meters from Palazzo Vecchio, on the roofs at the height of the fifteenth-century belvedere, is an apartment with terraces that dominate the city, affording a sweeping view over the unique panorama of Florence’s most splendid monuments.

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In the postwar period, Amerigo Gondi decided to move into the rooms on the top floor of the Palace, in order to enjoy all of its light and its marvelous view over the city.

He commissioned Architect Dori to convert the ancient attic into a comfortable apartment, keeping intact its fifteenth-century Belvedere, which was to remain a splendid observation point with a sweeping view over the monuments of Florence.

From the belvedere and terraces of the apartment, the view of the city’s monuments conveys a feeling of airy detachment. The interior combines the charm of a modern lifestyle with the pleasure that only old walls surrounding old things can still provide. All of this defines the character of the apartment, its tone and its unique features, truly Tuscan in their simplicity and linearity combined with elegance.

In 1977 Amerigo commissioned the architect Porcinai to redesign the terraces. Pietro Porcinai (Florence 1910-1986)was the greatest Italian landscape artist of the twentieth century.

The terrace to the north, in front of the salon, was laid out with flower beds on three sides,raised and decorated with river pebbles   on the vertical sides and the bench-like edge in hammered pietra serena, framing a view of the Duomo.

The apartment, recently restored to adapt it to more modern standards of comfort, offers a breathtaking view over the entire city. By night, from its windows and terraces, Palazzo Vecchio, the Duomo, Santa Croce, the Bargello, the Badia, and the lights on the hills of San Miniato and Fiesole appear above the dark roofs of the city.