The Cellar

In the ancient vaulted cellars is an enoteca where the wines produced by the Gondi family on the Bossi Estate continue to refine in the historic shadow of Palazzo Vecchio.

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Descending into the ancient cellars designed by Sangallo, we enter rooms at times irregular, ventilated by slits opening onto the courtyard or beneath the stone benches lining the facade of the palace.

Like Palazzo Vecchio, the palace was built over the ruins of the ancient Roman theatre, so that the cellars are deeply rooted in the ancient history of Florence. Recent restoration brought to light a medieval well, fed by water from the very ancient Scheraggio channel, which lent its name to the church of San Pier in Scheraggio situated between Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi.

One room in the cellar is used for refining in the bottle the wines produced by the Gondi family on the Bossi Estate in Chianti Rufina. These wines mature in the very shadow of Palazzo Vecchio, the political heart of the city since its very beginning.

The enoteca, lit by ancient 17th-century lamps, is embellished by the collections of glassware, bronzes and candelabra displayed in it.